How to keep your customers warm when summer ends


Us equestrians love summer. It’s the thought of those long, light evenings that keep us going through the depths of winter, when we are knee deep in mud and have lost all feeling in our fingers, we dream of those days.

Summer for equestrian businesses is more important than being able to hack out after work though, for some summer is the bread and butter of the business, when the majority of profit is made and when customers are abundant.

Although the weather is still lovely, the schools go back in just a few days and the evenings are getting noticeably shorter. It won’t be long until we are reacher for warmer clothing and prepare for the cooler months.




Why not also prepare your equestrian business for the autumnal months? By putting in some effort now, you could engage with your customers, building loyalty and encouraging them to continue to spend with you over the winter months.


1. Show your database some love

So there were better things to do over summer than stare at a spreadsheet, but take some time now to assess your database. Is all of your contact information up to date? Have you got the email addresses of all your customers so you can include them on your newsletter mail list?

It’s becoming common practice to ask a customer for their email address at the point of purchase. Don’t be afraid to do this as it will ensure your database is kept current. Your customers will like this too, as they will be sent news and offers directly to their inbox. Hopefully this will encourage repeat custom and help to build customer relationships.

Get in the habit of updating your database as soon as you have a new contact or changes to an existing one. When you speak to a new contact on the phone, ask for their details immediately. Encourage your staff to do the same and remember that the more love you show your database, the more love it will show you.



2. Show your customers some love

Your customers have been good to your this summer, so now it’s time to thank them. You could create a summer newsletter with a roundup of your summer highlights, but don’t forget to say that it wouldn’t be possible without your lovely customers!

Include interesting photos to visually demonstrate what you’ve been up to. Even better, include a discount voucher for use in the coming months, to encourage your customers to come back.

Don’t forger to include links to your social media, to remind your customers to stay connected.



3. Show them what’s happening over the next few months

Be pro-active and get some future interest now. Decide on dates for upcoming events, sales, shopping evenings, open days, competitions or whatever else suits your business type.

Give your customers something to look forward to over autumn and winter and encourage commitment or booking with discounts for early-bird or block bookings. Post the dates online, use social media to build hype and log interest and perhaps create flyers to display on your counter, if you are a physical business.

Overall, try to create excitement around the coming of autumn and winter, rather than deter customers. Create autumn displays now, theme your blog posts and embrace the change of season.



We hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Saddle Up Marketing.

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