Setting Goals

Setting Goals

Here at Saddle Up Marketing, we’ve been thinking about the importance of goal setting. There’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of success when your hard work pays off and you reach your goal.

We shouldn’t just save goals for the business world either, by introducing goals into our riding and equestrian lives, we can work towards success and enjoy recording our progress along the way. Goals muster motivation and can give you a new lease of life, both in and out of the saddle.

Goals keep us motivated. They keep our eyes on the prize and give us the strength to continue to chip away. Goals should be measurable and realistic and you should consider writing both short and long term goals. Working towards regular, short term goals helps us to keep our momentum going and gives us a regular boost when we achieve each them.

It’s important to both visualise and have visual aids. As well as regularly visualising achieving your goals, you should also make them visual. Write them down, either in a dedicated goals notebook, on your office whiteboard or in your diary. Make a timeline for your long term goals, with stages broken down. Highlight it, use post-it notes, colour it in. Personalise your goals and make them something enjoyable to look at and refer to.

Remember to check back in with your goals regularly. Sometimes it can feel daunting to face our goals, particularly if we are feeling behind, but regular check-ins will keep you motivated and focussed.

Finally, reward yourself. Every time you reach a goal, take the time to reward yourself for your hard work. A reward could be as simple as taking a ten minute reflection on the goal you’ve just completed or something more indulgent such as treating yourself to an item that you had in mind when you first wrote your goal.

We challenge you to grab a notebook, put the kettle on too and think about three goals for your business and three goals for your equestrian life. One goal should be short term so perhaps one month away. The next should be mid term, so maybe six months away and finally a long term goal to be aimed for in one year’s time.

Write them down, keep them safe and remember to keep checking in and noting your progress towards each goal. Good luck!


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